Exam Registration

Dear Students,

Registrations for the Pearson and Cambridge International exams will be done online through

In order to carry out your registration successfully, the following procedure must be applied carefully. You can only access your registration form by using your school email address.

The registration will be completed in two stages.

  1. In the first stage, click; and complete the form by giving your personal details and selecting your subjects and components. Once you have done this, submit the form by clicking “SUBMIT’’ button.

Shortly after this, you will receive an email regarding your chosen subjects, fees and method of payment. Bank details and TRANSACTION NUMBER which is vital to complete the process, will also be given in this email. The payment will be made to the Near East Bank.

  1. In the second stage, you must then upload the photo of the bank receipt by using the link:

NEC Registrations Bank Receipt UPLOAD Form

The TRANSACTION NUMBER must be entered in this form.

This will complete your registration. Please follow the procedure very carefully since Exams Office will not be responsible for any discrepancy on your behalf.

Thank you very much for your contributions and good luck for your exams.

Near East College

Exams Office


Use the following link to apply for international exams:


Use the following link to upload the bank receipt:

NEC Registrations Bank Receipt UPLOAD Form