Our Services

The health services provided to students and employees at the Near East College, aim to minimize health problems that may occur while at school. As the Near East College, we are working hard to maintain academic and social development of our students. Sustaining a healthy life also plays an important part in academic and social well−being.

The Near East Hospital, Near East Health Insurance and Near East Schools have introduced “Emergency Health Insurance” for our students so that they can maintain their health in the best way possible during their school years.

“Emergency Health Insurance” covers all our students and parents are not required to pay any additional fees. All of our students have the privilege of being a member of the Near East family while covered by this insurance. The “Emergency Health Insurance” covers health expenses, which may occur either during school hours or otherwise.

“Emergency Health Insurance” covers up to 10.000 TL of health expenses required for emergency treatment or outpatient care. In addition, all of our students may benefit from a 30% discount in fields, which are not covered by the insurance.